Coachmen, Leader to the Great Outdoors

cross-trek Features & Options

Interior Features
  • Livable and Storage Friendly Floorplans
  • Large Shower Facilities compared to Class B Vans
  • Extra Large Kitchen Counters and 12Volt Refrigerators
  • Large Sliding Tinted Windows
  • Portable Blue Tooth Speaker w/Multiple Charging Stations
  • WiFi Ranger for Better Internet Connection
  • Interior/Exterior Smart TV
  • Largest Battery Capacity in Classgives you more time off the grid.
  • 3000 Watt Inverter gives extra power when needed.
  • State-of-the-Art Electrical System designed to operate every coach function from battery power, including A/C. Convenient for operating systems while traveling without the use of a generator.

Exterior Features
  • Azdel Composite Vacuum Bonded Sidewalls with low entry door for safety
  • CrossFlex Roof Membrane giving more puncture resistance
  • Fuel Friendly Ford Transit Chassis (20XG, 21XG)
  • Convenient Go-AnywhereSize Floorplans
  • Extra Large Exterior Storage for oversized cargo
  • Solar Equipped (Optional)
  • Armless Awning w/LED Lights and Sensor (Optional)
  • Exterior Entertainment Ready
  • Exterior Camp Kitchen Accessory Rail
  • LP Quick Disconnect & Fresh Water Port
  • Best in Class Capacities (Fresh Water, LP Tank, CCC)


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